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  Surya namaskara is an ancient and well known powerful yogic technique and it is a combination yoga postures. It’s roots can be traced to Veda philosophy of the Vedic tradition. The Sanskrit name surya here refers to the sun and namaskara means ‘salutations’. The sun symbolizes spiritual consciousness and in ancient time was worshipped on a daily basis. The origin of surya namaskara dates far back in to the earliest epochs of history, when human beings first became aware of a spiritual power within themselves, which is also reflected in the material universe. This awareness is the foundation of Yoga. Suryopanishad states that people who worship the Sun God as Brahman become powerful, active, and intelligent and acquire long life.




  It is our foremost duty to keep this body fit as it is the best instrument to reach the goal of life. Today’s stressful lifestyle brings out mental tension and worries; which in turn creates a lot of insolvable problems at many levels, such as physical and mental disorders; weakening of social and interpersonal relationships; economic and emotional disturbances and behavioral problems in adolescents.


  练习拜日式主要有两种的方法。一种是每侧12步,一种是每侧10 ,每一步都伴有呼吸,例如吸气或者呼气。

  There are mainly two modes of performing Surya namaskara. In one, there are 12 steps or counts and in the other only 10 in each round. Each stage of Surya namaskara is accompanied by regulation of breath, i.e. Inhalation and exhalation.






  Surya namaskara is neither a mere physical exercise nor a mere spiritual practice: it is a happy blend of both. This brings out development of all round personality of the human body. Nearly all parts of the body receive excellent exercise and shape from this practice. It can be practiced beneficially through out all stages of growth, maturity and old age.



  It is a wonderful boon to the adolescent boys and girls, to manage their emotional, mental and behavioral attitude.



 It regulates the menstrual flow and sets right the imbalance in hormone secretion. It is a revitalizing tonic to all elderly women.



 Middle and old age people can practice surya namaskara to maintain and to improve their positive health.



 A professional, whose work involves lot of stress, practicing surya namaskara for 20 to 30 minutes daily, helps them to reduce the stress.



 It stimulates all the endocrine glands in the body, useful in prevention of diabetes mellitus.

Sun salutation is the best way to burn the calories and thus useful in over obesity. Those who wish to reduce weight should drink a cup of water mixed with a little honey about 30 minutes before performing surya namaskara.



  Empties the lungs from all traces of stale gases. Thus useful in respiratory problems. Those afflicted with phlegm diseases should eat a mixture of pepper powder and honey before surya namaskar.



  It improves heart functioning without straining the cardiac muscles.




 It stimulates abdominal organs, promotes healthy appetite and prevents indigestion, constipation, diarrhoea etc. Those suffering from flatulence and diseases of the wind should drink a cup of lukewarm water 30 minutes before taking up surya namaskara.



 It stimulates kidney function and prevents renal problems.



 If practiced regularly, it acts like a medicine to prevent various acute diseases.



 Activates the chakras, (psychic centers) helps to practice kundalini yoga.




 Even though surya namaskara can be practiced by all, the practitioners should be aware of the following limitations.



 Go slow in the process of performing every asana, at least for three surya namaskara sessions.



 Children under eight years of age usually do not need this practice.



Women should avoid this practice during a heavy or painful period.



 During pregnancy, surya namaskara can be practiced until the beginning of the 12th week.



 Elderly people are advised to avoid over exertion.



 It should not be practiced by people with high blood pressure, coronary artery disease.



 People with hernia, intestinal tuberculosis should avoid the practice.



 People with slipped disc, back ache, sciatica, and other spinal problems should consult medical expert and yoga therapist before commencing the practice.



 Never perform surya namaskara beyond your capacity. Add one surya namaskara per day in addition to your practice.






 Practicing in the early morning or during sun rise, is very beneficial as sun rays makes the practitioner disease free and bestows on him/her both mental and physical benefits.




 Practicing before sun set, helps the body to be more flexible. This practice should be carried out in an empty stomach, after attending nature calls.